What We Do

We can help you with any condition that can be aided and improved through physical exercise and increased mobility.

Anything from orthopaedic rehabilitation to chronic conditions to sports performance and helping complete everyday tasks.

Is Biokinetics for me?

Do Any Of The Following Fit Your Needs?

Orthopeadic Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation for all joint or muscular injuries, from sport related injuries to post operative final phase rehabilitation. Any area of the body from ankles, knees, hips, back, neck, shoulder, etc.

Neurological Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation for all neurological conditions from Parkinson's Disease, to stroke victims, to neural transmission disorders such as Guillain-Barré Syndrome and Multiple Sclerosis.

Pregnancy Biokinetics

Pre and post-natal exercise prescription designed specifically for you to help prevent backache and fatigue and help you feel your best.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation for all cardiac related issues, from post heart surgery (eg. bypass surgery) to conditions such as heart attacks and ischemia.

Sports Performance

Enhance performance for sport and recover from sport related injuries. Scientifically designed sport specific exercise programming tailored to you and your needs and goals.

Child Biokinetics

Focus on improving your childs biomotor and postural development to help the child progress though the relative physical and neurological phases of development.

Exercise for the Elderly

Intervention is focused on so-called falls prevention and musculoskeletal degenerative prevention. Dealing specifically with conditions such as arthritis, preventing muscle atrophy and joint stability.

Postural Correction

Most postural abnormalities are caused by muscular deficiency or tightness, or discrepancies between the two. And thus correcting these though exercise can can go a long way to postural stability and injury prevention.

Activities of Daily Living

Maintenance exercise programmes for keeping up with all that the daily routine of life throws at you, from cooking and cleaning to playing with the kids as far as performing within your job as well and easily as possible.

Wellness & Weightloss

We aid in general fitness for the work place and employees and that includes fitness assessments as required by certain medical aids.
We'll also customize a programme to suit your weightloss needs.

Injury Prevention

Exercise programming to get you strong and maintain that strength to do everything you can to prevent that injury occurring and get you performing at your very best physically.

Functional Exercise Therapy

Exercise prescription based on what is best for your body and the functional movements of life, focused primarily on the anatomical and physiological needs of our bodies and lives, limited weight use, just you and your body.

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