About Us

About Biokinetics

Biokinetics is essentially Life Through Movement.

The science of movement and the application of exercise in rehabilitative treatment of performance.

The primary function of Biokinetics is to improve physical functioning and health care through exercise as a modality.

Biokinetics is concerned with health promotion, the maintenance of physical abilities and final phase rehabilitation, by means of scientifically-based physical activity. (Biokinetics SA)

About Jarryd Carter Biokineticist

Jarryd Carter Biokineticist was started by our very own Jarryd Carter in 2018.

The practice was started with the intention to make a difference in the beautiful city of George and to be available to help those in need get back on their feet and live life to the fullest.

In our journey we will do our very best to serve the community going forwards, both young and old, active and future-active.

Feel free to visit us and get hold of us at anytime. We’re always available to help.

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